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Has this scenario ever happened? Had a number of guest over and merely to be surprised by some pesky bugs like roaches,Guest Posting Ants, fleas, bed bugs, & ticks jumping on them. Nobody wants to share their home with this undesirable guest. These are genuine life scenarios and a real threat that spread quickly throughout your home. You might be cutting the grass & see a mire tub running up your foundation that turns out to be termites.

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While some insects like roaches and ants come out during daylight hours & can be without difficulty seen and detected. Rodents (mice and rats) bed bugs, raccoons are mainly active during the night hours & are hard to detect. Typically the only evidence found is droppings, nibbled food, and other clues of lurking creatures in your Exterminators home. The long point expert is here to help!

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Long Point Pest: Termite Control Houston

We service: Houston, Castroville, Medina Lake, Austin, San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Sequin, and San Marcos Texas.

While it is likely for homeowners to try to get rid of the occasional fly, ant, or mouse on their own, we recommend extreme caution. Utilizing pesticides can be dangerous too, at all times follow the label of instructions when utilizing. The Long Point consists of pest control experts trained on the characteristics and habits of these pests and knows precisely how to clear your home of them. We do the service right the first time & warranty our pest control work!