Halloween fancy dress costumes

October 31st and it’s time to choose your Halloween costume. Deciding what to wear is great fun. Deciding what to wear is great fun. Halloween fancy dress costumes traditionally include witches,Halloween fancy dress costumes Articles ghosts, zombies and everything that goes bump in the night.

Blacks, purples and greens are the main colours for Halloween costumes. Brides of Dracula or vampire bride’ costumes come in white, black or shades of greys. Wedding dresses make great Halloween fancy dress costumes, so if you have your wedding dress tucked away just whiten your face with stage make-up, wear vampire teeth and fake blood to become a vampire bride for the night. Use a veil and tiara to finish it off.

Decide what impact you want to have when you walk into the room before you look at any Halloween costumes. Do you want heads to turn or do you want to look sexy, devilish, funny or impish? Once you have chosen your outfit, go to the accessories to choose make-up, wigs, masks and facial hair.

Witchy Halloween accessories include long hair wigs, stripey tights, black shoes, broomsticks and tall pointed hats. If you already have halloween restaurant decoration ideas a broom hanging around the broom closet then you can take this with you.

Children go door to door trick or treating. Participating houses will have a good stock of goodies to fill the children’s Halloween bags. These will be chocolates, sweets or fruit. Some houses will even give money if they haven’t had time to stock up on Halloween supplies.

If you are at home on Halloween night, have a look through your fancy dress costumes and wear one when you answer the door to the trick or treaters. Its great fun and the kids love it, but make sure it’s not too scary.

If Halloween isn’t your thing, you can always buy a sign to put up in your window to let people know you don’t welcome any trick or treating.