Commercial Dog Food: Choosing the Right Brand for Your Pet

It is a fact that dogs have very sensitive digestive systems. This being the case,Hypoallergenic Dog Food Articles it is common for dogs to develop some form of allergic reaction or intolerance to food – even to a food type that they may have been happily eating for years with no ill effects.

Many of the commercially produced dog foods contain preservatives, flavourings or dyes that are chemically based, and these are all potential allergens. However, not allergy causing ingredients are chemical in nature. Canines can also develop an allergy or intolerance to meats, or other common dog food ingredients.

If your dog is showing signs of distress, such as nausea, unusual itchiness, rashes around the ears, mouth and rectal area, or signs of an upset stomach, it is important that you take it to the vet immediately. Once an allergy has been diagnosed, the next step is to completely remove the allergen from the diet.

This can be hard to do when the food that your pet is being fed Cheri Honnas is commercially produced and packaged. In that case, the only option is to change the diet completely, but not to another regular type of commercial dog food. Instead, you could choose between feeding your pet hypoallergenic dog food, or specially prepared homemade dog food.

If you believe that commercially produced dog food is the best option for your dog. Or you simply don’t feel that you have enough time to make your pet’s food yourself, hypoallergenic dog food is the choice for you. Hypoallergenic dog food is dog food that is made without using any of the most common causes of allergies in dogs. This includes any preservative, flavouring or dye that is not natural in origin.

Because of the lack of potential allergens, these hypoallergenic dog foods are generally gentle on your pet’s stomach, and it is a much healthier option for your pet. The problem is that it can be rather difficult to get your pet to eat this food as it is generally tasteless since commercial dog foods rely on the chemical flavours to provide the flavour.

The second alternative, homemade dog food is by far the better alternative of the two. When you make your pet’s food yourself, you are able to play around with recipes and ingredients until you have isolated the allergen that is causing all the problems. You are then able to totally remove the ingredient from your pet’s diet, thus ensuring that that particular allergen will no longer be an issue.