Cold Therapy Unit – an Overview

A cold therapy unit is a machine designed to efficiently deliver cold therapy. It offers a much better alternative to traditional ice packs used for cold therapy.Cold therapy is the use of freezing temperatures to heal orthopedic injuries and pain. The cold temperature temporarily blocks blood supply on the application site by hindering nerve communication in the same area. Without a blood supply,Cold Therapy Unit – an Overview Articles the inflammation and the pain begin to reduce.Cold therapy works best when used consistently and via the right delivery methods. Rudimentary ice packs are really not ideal for the task. It is best to use a cold therapy unit for delivering cold therapy.The DesignCold therapy units consist of several components such as a pump, a tank, a healing pad, a connecting tube, and an adapter. These components work seamlessly to deliver cold temperature over wounds or injuries.The healing pad covers the injured area. The tank stores the water and ice. The pump aids the flow of water from the tank to the healing pad via the tube.Brands like IsoComforter use the patented Iso tube technology to design their cold therapy units. The use of this advanced technology helps to build machines that can deliver cold therapy safely and optimally. IsoComforter also ensures that its cold therapy units are easy to use. The use of self-priming pumps and easy mechanisms make it very easy to use IsoComforter machines.IsoComforter machines also have healing pads with electric cryotherapy machine for sale ridge design to ensure optimal contact of the skin with the cold temperature. The ridges help to prevent burn injuries on the skin due to excessive freezing temperatures.UsesYou can use a cold therapy unit to heal orthopedic injuries of all kinds. Be it fractures, ligament tears, or ruptured tissues; you can use a cold therapy unit for consistent and efficient delivery of cold therapy.It is also helpful for speedy healing of patients post their back, knee, shoulder, and hip surgeries. Cold therapy helps patients regain range of motions in their joints sooner than expected post knee or shoulder injuries by experiencing reduced pain in a speedy manner. It helps them to begin their physical therapy without any delay.You can also use a cold therapy unit to treat sore and fatigued muscles.BenefitsA cold therapy unit helps users deliver cold therapy in a safe manner. For post-surgical healing, patients need a way to administer cold therapy easily, safely, consistent, and conveniently.Unlike ice packs, a cold therapy unit doesn’t drip water over incisions or open wounds.It is also easy to use a cold therapy unit. You can actually sit back and relax while the machine does its job. When you use IsoComforter machines, you won’t need to replenish ice in the tank very often. Ease of use of the machines enables the patients to administer cold therapy consistently. You can then experience speedy healing with natural therapy without resorting to pain medicines.